Sweet Corn - Guaranteed by Mother Nature and the Goddess of Bear Valley

posted Aug 25, 2011, 1:37 PM by Frank Anderson   [ updated Nov 20, 2011, 11:17 AM by Frank Anderson ]
Here at Surin Farms we recognize with gratefulness the real magic and miracles that culminate in the presentation of vegetables and fruit of such excellence, taste, and quality as to humble our efforts to do our part.  This year, the weather has presented a few obstacles, but has also contributed to the exceptional producsstion of fresh produce that holds its sweetness and has generated a cornucopia of tastes, textures, and exceptional flavors.  The Sweet Corn coming in this week, avaliable at the Rochester Downtown Farmers' Market and by special order (507-753-2651);  By working together, we can deliver the awesome flavor you have come to expect from Surin Farms virtually any day of the week.  Regrettably, special delivery orders must meet some generous standard amounts.  Late last night, at about 1:30 a.m., Mother Nature escorted me to inspect the second field of Sweetest Corn.   Look for :
    Triumph - a 77 day synergistic bi-color sweet corn with large, full ears, with each kernel filled with the exceptional taste that only a Goddess can create.
     Avalon - an all-white synergistic that changed the world's opinion of white corn.  Tender, full, sweet, and downright delicious.  Grandma's dentures themselves will celebrate joyfully.
     Sweet and Tender 274 - a large, heavy bi-color packed with flavoer and sweetness.  Excellent yield for freezing for later dining pleasure.
     Sweet and Tender 276 -  also a large bi-color, packed with sugars and flavor.  A Surin Farm favorite. 

So whatever your plans, don't forget the sweet corn.  Oh and melons too - did I think to mention to melons?  This weekend and for deliver during the week plan to share some of the finest melons of the land with your friends and family.  Our first Lambkin melons will drive themselves to the market on Saturday, so try to get there early, they don't last too long before driving over to the Mississippi for a quick drink and swim.