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Firewood ready now for pick-up or delivery

Spend more time snuggling by the fire!

Put away the axe and let Frank and Bob (the Bobcat) do the work for you. They will cut the trees, haul the logs, chop the wood, split the wood, deliver the wood and even stack the on your favorite fire wood pile in the Rochester, MN area.
Make your honey happy and buy your firewood from Surin Farms. Call (507) 272-2068 or (507) 753-2651 to buy a cord or two today!     
Surin Farm's fire wood is premium seasoned hardwood, split and ready for your fireplace, wood stove or camp fire.
Hardwood forest makes up about half of Surin Farm's 200 acres.  Trees include oak, walnut and various others.
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Responsible land stewardship and sustainability are extremely important to everyone on the farm. Frank spends as much time as possible in the woods and identifies select trees ready to be culled individually. The surroundings remain intact and uncompromised.
Nature is respected and preserved. Happy critters keep their homes while we heat ours with fire wood from Surin Farms.
Firewood is sold by the cord, half cord, or smaller quantities upon request. Please note that these are real cord measurements. The dimensions of a "standard cord" is a stack of wood piled 8 feet long, 4 feet wide and 4 feet high. The actual amount of wood in a cord can vary dramatically depending on how the wood is cut and stacked.

Firewood sold by the "truckload" typically represents only Stacked firewood for sale by the cordabout 1/3 of a cord or even less. Customers who have bought elsewhere in the past are surprised by how much firewood is actually in a Surin Farms properly stacked cord!

Many factors can affect the value you get when buying firewood. The quantity received is, of course, important if one does not like to pay for empty air space. Another factor to consider is the wood itself.

Contact Frank for more information about firewood pick-up or delivery. Call (507) 753-2651 or (507) 272-2068 today!


Why Properly Seasoned Hardwood Is Important

Hardwood is defined as wood from seed producing, trees that reproduce from flowers. In Minnesota's climate these trees are mostly broad leaved and deciduous.
Hardwood differentiates from coniferous softwood such as pine. Another notable difference is the hardwood's complex structure and the presence of pores or "vessels".
Interestingly, hardwood is not necessarily harder than softwood. Balsa, for example, is an especially soft "hardwood".
Generally speaking, however, hardwoods are indeed denser than softwoods. This is important for firewood because hardwoods will burn hotter and longer than softwoods.
Firewood can be either seasoned (dry) or unseasoned (green). Dry wood will burn better and produce more heat. Green wood uses much of its energy to evaporate its higher moisture content before the wood will burn. Fully seasoned hardwood can have up to double the heat producing capacity of a green softwood.
Surin Farms sells only properly seasoned hardwoods from our own property. Buying from the Farm, you can be assured of quality, sustainabilty and a completely local source.