2011 Crop List 

Surin Farms is famous for premium sweetcorn. Several varieties of super sweet corn are being grown this year. 
Please see our entire list of corn, melons, squash and other naturally grown produce below.                                                                                 
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CropVarietyDescriptionApprox. Maturity
CropVarietyDescriptionApprox. Maturity
Cole Crops Premium Crop F1 Broccoli AAS winner, tight buds, tender stems late July 
Cole Crops Blue Vantage Cabbage premium solid heavy head, excellent for kraut mid August 
Cole Crops Cheddar Cauliflower flavorful tight orange kurds, superior quality, maintains color when cooked mid August 
Firewood Premium Hardwood split to sizes convenient for your fireplace or campfire year round 
Herbs Aristotle Basil decorative dome shaped plant adds beauty while providing steady supply of fresh basil, does not become leggy  LAST CHANCE August 13! 
Melon Blacktail Mountain OG Watermelon gorgeous round green/black icebox sized melon, supersweet deep scarlet juicy/crisp flesh, heirloom  early August 
Melon Baby Doll Watermelon round medium sized yellow-fleshed melon, distinct extra sweet flavor mid-late August 
Melon Sangria F1 Watermelon the Queen of large oblong red melons, John's favorite because it tastes good! mid-late August 
Melon Lambkin Christmas Type Melon 2009 AAS winner, stole hearts at the 2010 Rochester Farmer's Market, smooth yellow skinned melon with juicy white flesh and fresh sweet aroma, stores well  mid August through September 
Melon Sweet Beauty Award winning icebox sized watermelon. IN August 13 
Melon Noir des Carmes Melon French cantalope named after monk who developed it, arromatic orange flesh, complex deeply satisfying flavor mid August 
Melon Orangeglo Watermelon mid-large oblong fruit, fiery orange flesh, sugary and crisp, worth the wait! early September 
Melon Chelsea OG Watermelon developed in Chelsea Iowa in early 1900s, sweet pink flesh with white seeds, large round light green melon early September 
Melon Yellow Doll Watermelon round ice-box sized yellow-fleshed melon, set the standard for yellow melons, kids love it early August 
Melon Crimson Tide F1 Watermelon NEW improved crimson sweet, excellent quality, med-large blocky green striped melon late August 
Melon Royal Sweet F1 Watermelon very popular, uniquely striped large oblong melon with bright red flesh late August 
Melon Tendersweet Watermelon deep orange fleshed with high sugars, large oblong fruit late August 
Melon Mountain Sweet Yellow Watermelon large striped oblong melon, extra firm deep yellow flesh with high sugar content, the robust flavor makes it Frank's favorite late August 
Melon Orange Star F1 Cantalope large deep orange fleshed cantalope with small seed cavity mid August 
Melon Boule d'Or Melon aka Golden Perfection, famous French winter melon with hard rind, pale green flesh is an absolute delight, keeps well September 
Peppers Giant Szegedi waxy sweet yellow pepper from the Balkans August 
Pumpkin One Too Many unique medium sized pumpkin, spooky bloodshot eye look late September 
Pumpkin Big Moose extremely large Halloween pumpkin late September 
Pumpkins Big Autumn excellent large sized carving pumpkin with study handle late September 
Squash Silver Bell OG small bell shaped squash, delicious deep orange dry sweet flesh, gray-blue shell turns pink in storage late Semptember 
Squash Heart of Gold All American winner, sweet dumpling type squash with superior eating quality and storage mid-late September 
Squash Wax Oblong Gourd "Winter Melon" unique Asian mild white fleshed squash, used in delicate soups 1st week August IN NOW 
Squash PA Dutch Crookneck butternut type squash with larger bulb and distinctive neck October 
Squash Big Moose NEW come and check it out! October 
Squash Hubbard Mixed assortment of blue, warted, golden and red Hubbard squash late September 
Squash Hokkori deep orange, top of the line Kabocka type squash, rich sweet orange flesh is dry and exceptionally flavorful - you will never eat an acorn squash again! October 
Squash Musee de Provence hierloom cheese pumpkin from the South of France, deep orange dense flesh of superior table quality, only available if the deer don't eat them all October 
Sweetcorn Xtra Tender 274 bi-color Augmented SH2, flagship of the Extra Tender series with its own unique flavor, sweet and tender with 40-50% sugar content, unsurpassed holding quality 3rd week of August 
Sweetcorn Avalon white, Synergistic variety that revolutionized white corn, sweet tender flavorful, requested by name by people who never liked white corn before - NEW in 2009, now one of our most popular varieties 4th week of August 
Sweetcorn Honey Select yellow Synergistic, John's favorite - it puts the corn flavor back into high sugar content sweetcorn  IN August 13 first picking 
Sweetcorn Xtra Tender 276 bi-color, Augmented SH2 is both sweet and tender, equally sweet as 274 but extra length to maturity creates a uniquely distinct flavor IN August 13 first picking 
Sweetcorn Serindipity bi-color, Synergistic, long slender ears of exceptionally tender, flavorful corn - one of our most requested varieties 4th week of August 
Sweetcorn Trinity bi-color, high quality early season Homozygous S.E. with 30-40% sugar content, the earliest corn that meets Surin Farm's quality standards 1st week of August GONE 
Sweetcorn Triumph bi-color, Augmented SH2, replaced Xtra Tender 277 in our line-up last year and maintained due to popularity 4th week of August 
Tomato Black Krim plants eaten down to twigs, likely suspects include woodchuck and other mangy varmits unavailable until 2012 
Tomato Celebrity varmit got these too unavailable until 2012 
Tomato Ukranian Purple %$#@%&**%#! varmit got'em unavailable until 2012 
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